Sunday, May 20, 2007

plus fifteen hours

Well, never really saw any reason to join this blog trend before... but for my own convenience I figure I can write stuff here and avoid having to go over the same things with everyone I end up talking to. So I've been out of Canada for a little over a month now. Let's start from the beginning.

I left Canada in too much of a rush, always figuring in the months leading up that I'd have more time than I did. So a huge thank-you to my parents, and especially Alison's mom Brenda for all the help packing and moving, as well as storing (!) all my stuff, then for the extensive cleaning of the apartment that managed to get virtually all our deposit (something I never thought possible). Thanks also to Ryan for dealing with the sale of my car.

Anyway, China... To cover the bases for those with whom I haven't spoken or written lately, I came here to join Alison, who's teaching English in a city called Changchun. Last year she spent six months doing the same in Chengdu (other corner of the country). I'm thankful to my company for being open to me continuing my job from here, which I have just got pretty much back to full speed on, after some time working out the kinks in this Great Firewalled Internet connection.

I don't want to load all the first month into one posting and put anyone who drops by off ever coming back, so I'll go with one story for now.

I was out for dinner about three weeks ago with Joe, one of Alison's coworkers. Neither of us being great at knowing what things on the menu are, it was fortunately a place with pictures so I just picked something at random that appeared passable. Although it looked a little odd on arrival (not quite what I thought I had pointed at in the menu), it turned out to be very tasty, and I thought what I was eating to be some variety of small, curiously coloured and textured potatoes. It actually wasn't until a couple of days ago in another restaurant that I was convinced otherwise, when I saw the uncooked primary ingredient of what I had had, in a large dish, some of them moving slightly: silkworms.


Alison said...

the funniest thing about this silkworm story is that you're trying so hard to top feeling that silk orms are gross... because in retrospect, they tasted good.


Owen'll eat anything... Owen ate a rock.

sash said...

bleh! yeah, at first I thought, ew, yuck, spit! but then I thought, well, if they were tasty, then so what? there ya go, take some giant cockroaches, deepfry em and dip em in sweet n sour sauce. yum!

Jaymang said...

The great firewall of China eh? seventh wonder of the ethereal world!

Silkworms ain't just for fabric anymore!