Friday, January 18, 2008

My Lonely Bike

I forgot to post a picture of my bike which I was so excited about back at the time when I got it. It has been a bit neglected lately, seeing as the roads have been quite snowy, icy, muddy, or any combination of these.

Here it is in all its glory: basket, rattrap, and one speed. I can contentedly ride it in street clothes, whereas at home I feel obliged to wear something more suitable to sweating in. That's not really a concern on this bike since it maxes out at about 24 km/h. (By "maxes out" I mean that if I push it any faster then my legs spin into oblivion.) I wish simple bikes like this were more readily available at home; instead, it seems people ride fancy-pants mountain or racing bikes, or nothing at all (with the exception of the small community of people with custom-made "choppers" and such—I saw a group of these in Stanley Park at the end of last summer and will confess some amount of envy).

Bike by Night

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